Online Edition 1

National Interdisciplinary Education (NIE) Conference  – Online Meetups, Seminars, and Webinars – Edition 1

Thursday, June 18, 2020 – 15:00 – 17:00

Via Zoom:

Inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration is currently being celebrated in academic and professional media. The complexity and dynamicity of the scientific, technological, and societal problems generated by the coronavirus pandemic require an inter- and transdisciplinary approach. At the same time, our teaching, learning, and research is itself affected by the corona measures taken by our universities now that classes and seminars have been moved to online platforms. The National Interdisciplinary Education (NIE) Conference team facilitates exchange about our current situation by organizing a series of online meetups, seminars, and webinars.


The first event in the series consists of two parallel sessions of 50 minutes each.

15:00                Opening: why online NIE online meetups, seminars, and webinars (Iris van der Tuin), what is our way of working (Hans de Zwart)


15:10                1.1 Educational Tools for Online Interdisciplinary Learning (moderator: Merel van Goch)


1.2 Acting Quick (moderator: Iris van der Tuin)


16:00               2.1 Philosophical Aspects (moderator: Teun Dekker)

2.2 Community and the Online International Classroom (moderator: Hans de Zwart)


16:50                Closing: wrap up and gathering input for the next event (Teun Dekker and Merel van Goch)


The National Interdisciplinary Education (NIE) Conference is an annual event for educators, researchers, policy makers, and students who are active in inter- and transdisciplinary programmes at Dutch universities, university colleges, and universities of applied science. We want to stay in touch and grow as a community of inter- and transdisciplinarians, and to exchange best practices and ideas. We therefore hereby announce a series of online meetups and seminars. We will meet approx. four times during the academic year.


An initiative of Teun Dekker (Maastricht University), Merel van Goch and Iris van der Tuin (Utrecht University), and Linda de Greef, Machiel Keestra and Hans de Zwart (University of Amsterdam)